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Initially, Content marketing evolved as an inbound marketing technique that was developed to reach out to your customers, build trust and improve your online presence. Writers or bloggers collaborated on 300 to 1000 words of text together and published them on a platform like Blogger, WordPress, etc.

Now the scenario has totally changed. It’s not all about writing and publishing content anymore. You have to come up with some unique blog post ideas and work hard to engage users and build the audience on regular basis.

Regularly! Don’t you find it difficult?

To be honest, yes. It is really tough to write a standard blog post and get bored in a few days. You should try a variety of blog posts to stay long in the market and stand out among your competitors.

So, here I find some interesting ways to write your blog post best to indulge your readers.

Lists Posts

List posts are numbered lists that describe a variety of different suggestions for a problem. The basic concept behind list posts is to offer refined and specific solutions in the least time.

List posts are popular due to the fact they are exceptionally easy to read, share, and understandable. For example, just go through some popular sites like,, etc., and check posts like “6 Steps to a Successful Product Launch” or “7 Tips To Better Employee Retention”.

How To’s and Tutorial posts

How-tos and tutorials are beloved by most content writers because it is really an easy way to educate your readers. A study on Hubspot revealed that How-to posts generate an average of 55% more views than other post-types.

If a person has a problem, he always looks for a post offering easy solutions, and what other you can find best than a step-by-step tutorial that guides him to the right solution.

Checklists and Cheat-sheets

The checklist is an ordered step-by-step list to complete a task while Cheat-sheet is defined as a set of specific records used as a short guide for users.

Once you complete your checklists and cheat sheets, you have to combine all data into a PDF file or write a post to share with your readers.


Nowadays, many blogs are focusing exclusively on product or service reviews, especially in e-commerce, technology, and gadgets categories. Generally, bloggers write two types of review posts; a direct review of products or services and a comparison of two or more relevant products. Just remember one thing, before reviewing/comparing products or services, test every product and do your all research to make sure that products and services are genuine.


Interviews are another awesome approach to creating quality content by talking with business leaders, satisfied clients, or any common person who belongs to your niche. There are several ways to contact a person; you want to take an interview, like phone or Skype call, email, face to face meeting (traditional method), etc.

Once you take the interview, you can offer the interview as text, video, audio, or infographic, based on what way you can put together the content perfectly.


Every brand has its own hidden roadmap to success and people always love to hear it. What you need to do is just reveal your story to your audiences and they will attach emotionally to your brand eventually.

Stories make us curious about a brand and sometimes it increases the desire to know more.

The benefits of successful storytelling are:

  • It captures the listener’s attention quickly.
  • People remember stories for a long time.
  • It helps in growing the brand’s recognition and publicity.

Read this article:


Definition: Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present complex information quickly and clearly. – Wikipedia

Infographics offer the simplest way to represent complex data or information graphically. You can sum up survey data, how-tos, comparisons, and interesting facts with proper references and company information.

According to stats, infographics generate a great sharing rate, but the only downside is that it is very time-consuming. However, it is worth giving it a try as we heard this phrase several times- “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Guest Posts

Getting guest posts from niche bloggers provides you unique and fresh content for your blog. It’s a two-way approach as you can also guest post your content on other relevant websites.

There are things you should pay attention to before setting up guest blogging:

  • Write a set of guest blogging guidelines including content length, author bio, link submission, etc.
  • Always prefer quality over quantity and the uniqueness of the article.
  • Send invitations or invite contributors from industry-related websites, guest blogging communities, etc.
  • Motivate guest posters to share content on social profiles and their channels.

Ebooks and Guides

A detailed guide specifically made to explain a process in a step-by-step manner is another good approach to blogging. For e.g. you can display the hiring process in an organization or what time is best for scheduling tweets.

You can combine a comprehensive post or no. of relevant posts in an ebook too. You can format an ebook in PDF and EPUB. Once crafted, ebooks are readable on the computer, mobile devices, and tablets. Ebook or online book is extremely helpful in growing your business.

Resources and link posts

If you are tired of writing a unique and standard blog post, I suggest trying a resource or list post. Just research some informative posts relevant to your industry and combine them in a post with a resource link.

Resource posts are quite famous in recent times and get lots of shares. People (whose posts are listed) shared it on social channels and with friends.

Controversial Posts

The controversial blog post is a very popular way to bring your brand to stand out ahead of your competitors and get the attention of your niche customers.

The easiest way to do it right; is first to pick a subject, compare things to satisfy your points, and argue the common myths on which you’re proficient enough.

You have to be cautious regarding this type of blog post because one wrong statement will impact more bad than good.


These are a few blog post types, we list here. There are much more like video blog posts, podcasting, surveys and polls, questions and answers posts, etc. There are certain points you should consider while writing a blog post; relevancy, quality, and persuasive words that attract customer attention.

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